Welcome to La Comunità

Local Organic Food . Artisanal Bread
Natural Wine . Good People



ラ・コミュニタ 店名はイタリア語でコミニティを意味します。食べ、飲み、楽しむ…人々が集い、共有し、繋がりが生まれる空間を目指してます。この店のテーマは『人』 こだわりの生産者が作る、地元愛知県を中心とした自然栽培野菜と畜産物。 自然農法によって作られた葡萄でナチュラルな味わいを追求した自然派ワイン。 ”Meister Backstube かきぬま”の天然酵母のドイツパン。それらの食材に合わし、厳選した調味料とシンプルな調理法。そんな人々のこだわりがギュッと詰まったお店『La Comunità』皆さんの日常の一部として存在していければ幸いです。

店主 大森恵輔 

Welcome to our Community

"La Comunità,” Italian for The Community, a name we chose to reflect our aim to create more than just a restaurant about food, but a restaurant about people.  We source our vegetables from committed local farmers, using natural & organic farming practices.  Our meat comes from trusted produces in and around the Aichi area and our seafood is all wild-caught and sourced from Aichi’s Morozaki port.  Our wine is all natural (a controversial term, we know), made in small quantities by inspired winemakers with naturally-grown grapes, ambient yeasts and little to no sulfites added. We serve bread made by Meisters Backstube Kakinuma, a local bakery that uses natural yeast and Japanese-grown wheat.  With these and other carefully selected ingredients we do our best to keep our cooking simple. At La Comunità we hope to be one more part of your day-to-day.